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SOURCE: Press and Public Affairs Bureau

Bill seeks to ban driving of vehicles by persons w/o driver’s license
Writer: Ma. Victoria I. Palomar, Media Affairs and Public Relations Service
04 June 2016 08:27:19 AM

A lawmaker is hopeful that a bill prohibiting a person from knowingly permitting a vehicle he owns or controls to be driven by persons without driver’s license will be enacted into law in the 17th Congress.

Re-elected Rep. Alfredo D. Vargas III of the 5th District of Quezon City said a proposed Motor Vehicle Safety Act, when made a law, “will keep irresponsible drivers out of our roads and, in a way, ensure the safety of other drivers and pedestrians.”

Vargas filed House Bill 6463, which seeks to prohibit a person from knowingly permitting his/her motor vehicle to be driven by a person who does not have a valid driver’s license issued by the Land Transportation Office. The bill was referred to the Committee on Transportation.

Vargas vowed to re-file the bill and push for its approval saying road accident is one of the leading causes of deaths in the country today.

Vargas said a report of the Philippine National Police Highway Patrol Group revealed that the number of road accidents in the country is going up every year.

The PNP-HPG attributed the increase to “human errors and lack of road discipline.” These include over speeding, drunk driving, use of cellular phone while driving, bad overtaking, bad turning, mechanical defects and poor maintenance of vehicles, Vargas said.

Citing a study conducted by the Institute of Advanced Motorists, Vargas also said motorists aged 16 to 19 are most prone to fatal road accidents. This, he said, “may be due to their lack of knowledge and experience in driving.”

Vargas’ proposed “Motor Vehicle Safety Act” imposes the penalty of a fine from P1,000 to P10,000 or imprisonment of not less than one month but not more than six months or both on any person who shall violate the said provision.

The bill further provides that any director, officer or agent of a corporation who shall authorize, order or perform any of the acts or practices constituting in whole or in part a violation of the said provision shall be subject to penalties to which that corporation may be subject.

In case the violation is committed by, or in the interest of a foreign juridical person duly licensed to engage in business in the Philippines, such license to engage in business in the Philippines shall immediately be revoked.

The prohibition shall not apply to a person or corporation duly licensed to engage in a driving school business.