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SOURCE: Press and Public Affairs Bureau

Darkness may have contributed to over population--solon
Writer: Jazmin S. Camero, MRS-PRIB
15 October 2010 10:30:16 AM

As the saying goes, darkness breeds romance and more, a lawmaker said as he bats for the electrification of non-energized sitios in the country.

Rep. Cesar Sarmiento (Lone District, Catanduanes) said the un-energized thirty thousand sitios all over the country might have contributed to the present situation of over population.

"Instead of spending funds for condoms, contraceptives and injectibles, the money can be used for the electrification of the non energized sitios so the population will not grow faster and keep the people active and busy," Sarmiento said.

"Based on the budget of the Department of Health as reported in the news, the DOH is setting aside a certain amount for the procurement of 2M condoms, contraceptive pills and injectibles and other family planning medicines," Sarmiento said.

"It's different and much better when the place is energized, children can do their homework and study better and couples instead of retiring early at night, they can still work and earn a living or bond with their children," Sarmiento said.

In a budget hearing in Congress, the Department of Health revealed its plan to procure 2 million condoms, birth control pills, injectibles and cycle beads worth P400 million of its budget for 2011.

"I admit the population continues to grow but as PNoy said, if only there will be no corruption, and the fund, will really go to the people, there will be more opportunities, more income generating activities in the un energized sitios if benefited by the Household Electrification Program," Sarmiento said.

"Energizing the 37 sitios of my district and the rest of the 30 thousand sitios and barangays all over the country is connecting to the world, translates active economy and more opportunities to the present generation and the next," Sarmiento said.

On one hand, Rep. Amelita C. Villarosa (Lone District, Occidental Mindoro), in her advocacy to energize the whole country, initiated a resolution signed by all Members of the Committee on Energy endorsing the funding for the electrification project of NEA and was approved during the hearing last week.

"Let us help NEA so that every dark areas in the country will be lighted, through the electrification program, because when its dark, things happen," Villarosa said.

"To put it in record, Mr. Speaker, the amount of P1.2 - P1.5 billion is already earmarked for the electrification of the more than 30 thousands un-energized sitios and barangays all over the Philippines," Villarosa said in a plenary debate.

"The Department of Budget and Management has appreciated the need to put funds and is currently evaluating the Program," Rep Joseph Emilio A. Abaya (1st District, Cavite) said as he sponsored the budget of DOE in a plenary interpellation.

"I will follow it up personally so these un-energized sitios will not only see the light of day but also the light of night," Abaya said.