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SOURCE: Press and Public Affairs Bureau

19 September 2023 01:00:50 PM

IN response to the petition filed against Republic Act (RA) No. 11954, the Maharlika Investment Fund Act of 2023:

We respect the democratic process and the right of every individual to seek legal redress. The House of Representatives, under my leadership, has always prioritized the observance of legislative procedures and adherence to the Constitution.

The Maharlika Investment Fund Act was passed with the intention to drive economic growth, address poverty, and create job opportunities for Filipinos. The certification of the bill as urgent was determined with this vision in mind.

Regarding the amendments, it is not uncommon for bills to undergo changes as they pass through the legislative mill, but we ensure these are done within the bounds of our Constitution and established procedures.

We trust the wisdom of the Supreme Court to evaluate the merits of the petition and to arrive at a just and fair decision. We are prepared to cooperate fully with the Court and to provide any necessary clarifications.

In these times, it is more crucial than ever that we focus on what will uplift and benefit the Filipino people. Let us keep the best interests of our nation at heart. (END)