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SOURCE: Press and Public Affairs Bureau

Speaker Romualdez asks Filipinos to emulate Rizal's spirited nationalism, passion for excellence
30 December 2022 08:10:29 PM

ON the occasion of Rizal Day, Speaker Martin G. Romualdez on Friday called on all Filipinos to emulate the spirited nationalism and passion for excellence that best describe how the country’s national hero, Jose Rizal, lived his life.

“As we commemorate the death of our hero Jose Rizal, we celebrate the life of the man who fathered this nation, and we honor the legacy he left behind: one of nationalism, love of country, a strong sense of duty, and living excellently. He was the Filipino ideal, the great example of how we should be living our lives as citizens,” Speaker Romualdez said.

“Aside from his strong sense of nationalism, he was also a great contributor to the nation that he dreamt of building. Not only was he a patriot, but he was also a novelist, ophthalmologist, historian, engineer, educator, painter, journalist, playwright, farmer, and inventor,” Speaker Romualdez added.

“He lived as an excellent citizen, and he died a patriot and a hero to his countrymen," Speaker Romualdez said.

Nation-building, Romualdez continued, requires hard work and sacrifice, and Rizal is a fine example of a good citizen contributing to the betterment of the country.

Rizal also proved that one can pursue many dreams simultaneously with the right amount of passion and motivation, Romualdez pointed out.

“His life’s work is nothing short of spectacular. His writings as a novelist and as a journalist would impassion the hearts and minds of Filipinos during his time. He lived by example, and he was true to his principles until his death,” Romualdez said.

“Hanggang ngayon, nasa puso at isipan pa rin natin ang mga kataga at aral na iniwan ni Gat. Jose Rizal, ang kuwento ng kanyang buhay, at ang bunga ng kanyang mga sakripisyo. At ngayong Araw ni Rizal, marapat lang na magpasalamat tayo sa ating Pambansang Bayani sa kanyang mga iniwang aral,” he added.

“This is my hope, that the Philippines will have more Rizals as citizens: patriots in government, in business, in the scientific community, and in all spheres of excellence. Tularan natin ang ehemplo ni Rizal at gamitin natin ang ating talento, kaalaman at karunungan para sa ikauunlad ng bayan,"
he said.(END)