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SOURCE: Press and Public Affairs Bureau



26 April 2023 06:00:42 PM

The House Committee on Basic Education and Culture chaired by Pasig City Rep. Roman Romulo and the Committee on Higher and Technical Education, chaired by Baguio City Rep. Mark Go, in a joint hearing on Wednesday, agreed to immediately tackle the “K + 10 + 2” legislative proposal of former President and currently Senior Deputy Speaker (SDS) Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo once it is referred to the panel.
SDS Arroyo’s proposal is embodied in House Bill (HB) 7893. She explained that under her proposal, ““The last two years will not be voc-tech (vocational-technical education), they will be similar to the foundation of college courses in Europe while they are preparatory to university education… In my bill, it will be K + 10 because it will (only) be up to Fourth Year High School and then they (students) graduate.” The graduates will have two years which they can use for post-secondary or pre-university education for those who want to proceed to a professional degree.
SDS Arroyo said that she filed the bill in consultation with Vice President and Education Secretary Sara Duterte and with the knowledge of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.
HB 7893 came up while the joint panel was reconsidering HB 7505 which seeks to strengthen the technical, vocational and livelihood curriculum for the senior high school and appropriate funds therefor. Rep. Romulo and Albay Rep. Joey Sarte Salceda authored HB 7505, which substituted for HB 996, in consolidation with HB 652. HB 7505 was recommitted to the Committee last March 21 to accommodate perfecting amendments.
SDS Arroyo raised a prejudicial motion that HB 7893 may be read on first reading when Congress resumes session in May, “ (HB 893) is an alternative solution to improving technical education… So, we have a prejudicial motion that because the two bills are alternative solutions to the problem that we have encountered that we defer further consideration of (HB 7505) until my very closely related bill can be considered in the committee… because they are closely related, and they might come up with the same committee report at the end of the day.”
Sarangani Rep. Christopher Solon expressed support for SDS Arroyo’s bill, saying the two extra years in high school will be foundational and help turn Filipino students to be globally competitive. “We’re missing on Basic Calculus, we’re missing on Physics 101, and we’re missing on many foundational courses. And at least there’s that option that if a student wants to go tech-voc, then the student can proceed to TESDA and not jeopardize his or her status of high school diploma,” Solon said.
SDS Arroyo, upon query of Rep. Go, clarified that her bill does not include a provision on voc-tech programs included in the present K to 12 program “As Rep. Solon mentioned, if a student wants to pursue tech-voc, he or she can go to a TESDA school. However in the transitory provision, there is a provision wherein the DepEd , TESDA and CHED will all work together into the new system of K + 10 + 2.”