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SOURCE: Press and Public Affairs Bureau



03 October 2022 03:00:04 PM

The House Committee on Higher and Technical Education chaired by Rep. Mark Go (Lone District, Baguio City) consolidated and approved two measures mandating higher education institutions (HEIs) to integrate into their history subject stories and facts about World War II. These are House Bill 933 introduced by Rep. Roman Romulo (Lone District, Pasig City) and HB 4157 by Rep. Harris Christopher Ongchuan (2nd District, Northern Samar). In his sponsorship speech, Roman said finally, there would be stories about the magnificent valor and exceptional character of Filipinos, soldiers, guerillas and citizens alike, during World War II. According to Romulo, the present history curriculum contained few stories regarding the heroism of Filipinos during WW II. “But when we talk or sit down with our Veterans Affairs Committee, there are many stories there being told by Philippine Veterans Affairs Office Administrator Ernesto Carolina, maraming events during World War II na kung saan ang bida ay Filipino,” he said. But if one reads the history, “karamihan po diyan kahit nangyari dito sa Pilipinas, ang main characters ay mga dayuhan,” Romulo pointed out. The panel also approved the corresponding committee report. Meanwhile, the committee deferred action on HB 1724 which would mandate the compulsory teaching of ethics subjects in Philippine tertiary education. Bill author Rep. Ruth Mariano-Hernandez (2nd District, Laguna) made the motion pending the submission of the final evaluation/assessment done by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) regarding the implementation of the ethics subjects in higher education. CHED Chairman Prospero de Vega said there was already a three-unit course on ethics in the general education program. The committee also deferred deliberation on HB 4350 by Rep. Jonathan Clement Abalos II (Party-list, 4PS). The bill would mandate the inclusion of a foreign language other than English, as an elective course in the higher education curriculum. Abalos requested for documents regarding recommendation of CHED when it comes to creating job-ready foreign language curriculum for students and data pertaining to how competence of students is measured in terms of education, such as the nature of examinations and equivalency in levels for the creation of the said curriculum so that the bill could be improved. Earlier in the meeting, Go cited the accomplishments of the committee, notably the approval of 42 measures.