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SOURCE: Press and Public Affairs Bureau



19 May 2022 07:48:37 PM

Secretariat officials of the House of Representatives on Thursday conducted a walk through with members of the media in preparation for the coverage on the arrival of the ballot boxes from the Senate on Monday as part of the events for the canvassing of votes for the presidential and vice presidential candidates in the 2022 national elections. The House officials were led by Secretary General Mark Llandro Mendoza, Deputy Secretary General of the Inter-Parliamentary and Public Affairs Department(IPAD) Atty. Gracelda Andres, Press and Public Affairs Bureau (PPAB) OIC Executive Director Dr. Celine Marie Buencamino, and officials of the Legislative Security Bureau (LSB). Andres said that the ballot boxes containing the election returns (ERs) and certificates of canvass (COCs) will arrive in the House from the Senate via the driveway of the House Main Entrance in the early morning of May 23, 2022. She said that Senate Sergeant at Arms MGen. Rene Samonte AFP (Ret.) and House Sergeant-at-Arms BGen. Rodelio Jocson (Ret) will both be present at the Main Entrance Lobby for the turnover of the ballot boxes. Andres reminded the members of the media of the COVID-19 antigen test they need to take prior to entering the House premises to cover the canvassing. She then led the media to the Main Entrance Lobby leading to the Session Hall. They passed by the Media Center, where she said, the ballot boxes containing the ERs will be stored. Then she led the media inside the newly-renovated Session Hall. Meanwhile, prior to the walk-through, Buencamino briefed the media on the procedures and protocols to be observed during the walk through, such as taking the antigen test on Sunday, May 22, which will be available from 1pm to 5 pm. The antigen test result will be good for one week. She also explained about 1) the policy on taking footages, 2) how to secure Media Accreditation ID and House Access Pass, 3) the policy for stand uppers at the South Lobby, and 4) location of work stations. Buencamino also said that developments in the canvassing will be shown live on a TV monitor at the Speaker Jose de Venecia Hall at the South Wing Annex. While inside the Session Hall, Secretary General Mendoza welcomed the members of the media.