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SOURCE: Press and Public Affairs Bureau



20 October 2021 09:00:34 PM

The House of Representatives Administrative Department led by Deputy Secretary-General Dr. Ramon Ricardo Roque, Ceso I, Diplomate, treated the congressional workforce on Wednesday to an inspirational webinar entitled “Joy and Laughter in the Workplace”, with Fr. Jerry Orbos, SVD, of the Christ the King Seminary as guest speaker. Fr. Orbos is a missionary, cancer survivor, author of the book Healing Moments, newspaper columnist, radio-TV personality, preacher, as well as composer-singer. He opened his talk by advising the participants to build relationships in the workplace and stay close to God especially during this pandemic. “Don’t leave God out of the picture. In the same way, whatever you’re going through, please don’t leave God out of the picture. God will make a way,” he said. Every Sunday during his online mass, he delivers messages of hope and joy. “Yun po ang kailangan ng mga tao ngayon. And I have decided to be a whisperer of hope, a whisperer of joy,” Fr. Orbos said. He then invited every one to be part of God’s uplifting army who think uplifting, talk uplifting, and act uplifting. In this pandemic, Fr. Orbos said God is knocking on people’s hearts. “God is knocking dahil ang yayabang natin. We don’t pray, we don’t listen to Him. We are so focused on the work of our hands. The work you do, the sacrfices…kung walang love, walang heart, empty,” he said. To be happy, Fr. Orbos suggested to: 1) not to take yourself too seriously. Nagiging mayabang ka na, sensitive. Reminder, all our blessings come from the Lord. Wala po tayong pwedeng ipagmalaki sa Diyos. Trust Him; and 2) Trust in the Lord that no matter how serious your present problems are, He had promised to help you. Likewise, he also advised that: 1) gratitude is the best attitude. As soon as you wake up in the morning, kneel down and humble yourself right away. Thank the Lord for everything despite your problems; 2) Smile at yourself and enjoy yourself. Make at least one person happy everyday; 3) Check your life. Ask yourself if you are a complaining, comparing, and blaming person? He stressed that God wants people to be happy, not miserable. “Happiness or joy does not, should not depend on things, people, or situations outside. Happiness is a choice you make. Focus on your blessing, not on what is missing. Lastly, Fr. Orbos enjoined the participants to help one another. “Enjoy in the work place, you don’t know what others are going through. My motto now is to inspire before you expire. Make people happy every day. Choose a life with quality and charity,” he said. The webinar was part of the HRep Month 2021 celebration.