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SOURCE: Press and Public Affairs Bureau



14 October 2021 07:04:43 PM

As part of the House of Representatives Month 2021 celebration, the Engineering and Physical Facilities Department (EPFD) led by Deputy Secretary General Engr. Floro Banaybanay conducted the “PAN-D.I.Y.-MIC” on Thursday. This was a webinar on the conduct of "Paint-It-Yourself" home improvement projects during the pandemic. The EPFD collaborated with Pacific Paint (BOYSEN) Philippines Inc. to provide proper knowledge on how to do home painting improvements, which could also benefit those who are not experts in this area. As Banaybanay said, PAN-D.I.Y.-MIC means “Fun, do-it-yourself painting tips and activities.” “It is a fun activity while keeping your family safe during this pandemic,” he said. BOYSEN Technical Services Department Engineer Kim Andrew Tampo facilitated the discussions on PAINTING 101, specifically on: 1) Paint Chemistry that affects the preparation and decision methodologies on the paint to be used, 2) proper tools and equipment for a pleasing project outcome, 3) painting systems, 4) troubleshooting for common paint problems, and 5) colors, on how these affect the outcome of one color to another. Tampo also thoroughly explained the components of proper painting, particularly on what paint mechanisms are ideal for indoor and outdoor paintings. He also advised that it is necessary to allow proper curing of 14 to 28 days, as well as proper ratio of neutralizer before applying paint on concrete surfaces. He said that proper curing allows moisture to completely evaporate and ensures the rigidity of the concrete. “A proper ratio in neutralizer is crucial because it is an acid-type that can cause cracks on concrete surfaces,” Tampo said. Likewise, it is important to remove any loose and blistering paint, check paint compatibility, as well as treat all molds and mildews using fungicidal wash or household bleach solution before doing any re-painting job according to him. “Any contaminant na makakaapekto sa adhesion ng pintura natin ay dapat matanggal,” Tampo said. The webinar was joined by 241 participants from the House Secretariat via the Zoom platform.