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SOURCE: Press and Public Affairs Bureau



13 October 2021 04:30:43 PM

The House of Representatives through its Legislative Information Resources Management Department (LIRMD) on Wednesday conducted a webinar entitled “Healthy Home Cooking and Coffee for Productivity”, the first of a series of virtual activities, which aim to boost the health, wealth, and productivity of the congressional workforce. The webinar forms part of the “House of Representatives Month 2021: Kayang-kaya sa Gitna ng Pandemya” celebration. Guest speakers of the webinar were Michelle Miranda-Fabella, a registered nutritionist and dietician, and Prof. Emmanuel Garcia, a coffee scientist from the De La Salle University (DLSU) - Manila College of Science, Department of Chemistry and currently the Director of the DLSU Food and Water Institute. Fabella talked about “Healthy Home Cooking”, while Garcia’s topic was “Coffee for Productivity.” In his opening remarks, Deputy Secretary-General for LIRMD Dr. Edgardo Pangilinan said they aim to provide the House employees venues for continuous advancement. “Our Healthy Home Cooking activity aims to offer us ways to take care of our health, while we are confined most of the time in our homes, by cooking food ourselves now that dining out is not the best option that we have, and doing so by maximizing the value of our financial resources,” he said. Meanwhile, the “Coffee for Productivity” session will give new and interesting facts about what most people love, which is coffee, he said. “With such information, we hope to open for you ways of maximizing the benefits of coffee, especially in boosting our productivity, which is a concrete way of improving our performance as public servants,” Pangilinan said. In her presentation, Fabella, who is a nutrition consultant of various companies and the owner of MDF Diet2Go, said the topic “Healthy Home Cooking” is timely because since the pandemic began, almost everyone started home cooking because of limited resources from the outside, limited dine-in, and limited takeout. She explaind that home cooking is the New Normal because: 1) people feel unsafe going out to eat and dine, 2) the work from home setting allows people to cook their own meals, 3) on financial concerns, home cooked meals come at a lower cost and often creates leftovers that can be stretched to the next meal, and 4) about 50 to 60 percent of the population will remain cooking at home even after lifting the WFH scheme. Fabella also cited facts about healthy home cooking, such as: 1) it is not bland, 2) you can control the amount of fat, 3) it puts emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables, 4) focuses on whole foods, 5) does not take long to prepare, 6) does not require expert culinary skills, 7) is nutritionally balanced, 8) requires just the basic kitchen equipment, 9) allows people to release their creativity, and 10) would improve one’s health greatly. Meanwhile, in his presentation, Garcia said coffee is more than a cup of beverage that one drinks every time. “It is something that affects an entire industry, it affects a country, it affects this planet,” he said. He said a study that came out in the Department of Trade and Industry policy brief, cited one of the problems why farmers (in the country) do not benefit much is that the Philippines is the second biggest consumer or importer of instant coffee in the world. “This coffee is not from here. So next time you make a more informed decision on the kind of coffee you will drink, be aware that you are already starting to contribute, I hope little by little (and) more positively, to the industry, to the country, and to the planet. All because of that decision when to drink coffee, what kind of coffee to drink, how much to drink, etc.,” Garcia said. Director Marivic Pareja of the Legislative Archives and Museum Management Service hosted the webinar.