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SOURCE: Press and Public Affairs Bureau



10 June 2021 08:00:19 PM

The House Special Committee on Creative Industry and Performing Arts chaired by Rep. Chistopher De Venecia (4th District, Pangasinan) on Thursday acted on House Resolution 1802, calling for an inquiry, in aid of legislation into the state of Filipino gastronomy and culinary heritage. In his opening remarks, De Venecia noted that the creative industry was at par with the country’s tourism sector with its gross domestic product contribution in 2014. However, Philippine laws still do not cover several creative industry groups to this date. With this, he shared that the Arts and Culture and Creative bloc of the 18th Congress is working on a six-point agenda to bridge the gaps in the creative industry, consisting of 1) legislation, 2) resolutions, 3) budgetary support, 4) legislative oversight, 5) collaborations, and 6) frontline aid. Trade and Industry Undersecretary Rafaelita Aldaba explained that gastronomy refers to the relationship between food and culture, which “involves discovering, researching, understanding how local food are prepared, techniques, as well as methods used with cultural influence. Meanwhile, culinary heritage incorporates the origins of food-related activities of a certain society or cultural group. During the discussion, Agriculture Undersecretary Evelyn Laviña raised that the government allocates meager funding for high-value crops. These are crops that provide higher net returns per hectare to the farmers. For her part, Rep. Sharon Garin (Party-list, AAMBIS-OWA) urged the government to focus on developing existing and abundant resources in the country. Joey Ong, founder and managing director at Dojo, echoed that before aiming for Michelin stars, the government should first appeal to Filipinos to support the country’s gastronomy and culinary heritage. The panel will convene again on June 24, 2021 to take up the international competitiveness of Filipino food, awareness and advocacy, creative labor, as well as human resource development on the matter.