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18th Congress of the Philippines

The Deputy Speakers of the Philippine House of Representatives are the second highest-ranking officials of the Philippine House of Representatives. During the absence of the House Speaker, one of the House Deputy Speakers will preside over the House of Representatives.

  1. Leachon, Doy C.
    Hon. Leachon, Doy C.
    District Representative
    Oriental Mindoro, 1st District
  2. Hernandez, Ferdinand L.
    Hon. Hernandez, Ferdinand L.
    District Representative
    South Cotabato, 2nd District
  3. Escudero, Evelina G.
    Hon. Escudero, Evelina G.
    District Representative
    Sorsogon, 1st District
  4. Legarda, Loren
    Hon. Legarda, Loren
    District Representative
    Antique, Lone District
  5. Estrella, Conrado III M.
  6. Pichay, Prospero Jr. A.
    Hon. Pichay, Prospero Jr. A.
    District Representative
    Surigao del Sur, 1st District
  7. Puno, Roberto V.
    Hon. Puno, Roberto V.
    District Representative
    Antipolo City, 1st District
  8. Villanueva, Eduardo "Bro. Eddie" C.
  9. Teves, Arnolfo Jr. "Arnie" A.
    Hon. Teves, Arnolfo Jr. "Arnie" A.
    District Representative
    Negros Oriental, 3rd District
  10. Bondoc, Juan Pablo "Rimpy" P.
    Hon. Bondoc, Juan Pablo "Rimpy" P.
    District Representative
    Pampanga, 4th District
  11. Martinez, Eric M.
    Hon. Martinez, Eric M.
    District Representative
    Valenzuela City, 2nd District
  12. Herrera-Dy, Bernadette "BH"
  13. Singson-Meehan, Kristine
    Hon. Singson-Meehan, Kristine
    District Representative
    Ilocos Sur, 2nd District
  14. Yu, Divina Grace C.
    Hon. Yu, Divina Grace C.
    District Representative
    Zamboanga del Sur, 1st District
  15. Pacquiao, Rogelio "Ruel" D.
    Hon. Pacquiao, Rogelio "Ruel" D.
    District Representative
    Sarangani, Lone District
  16. Gatchalian, Weslie
    Hon. Gatchalian, Weslie
    District Representative
    Valenzuela City, 1st District
  17. Abante, Bienvenido Jr. M.
    Hon. Abante, Bienvenido Jr. M.
    District Representative
    Manila, 6th District
  1. Romero, Michael  L., Ph.D.
    Hon. Romero, Michael L., Ph.D.
    Party List - 1-PACMAN
  2. Villar, Camille A.
    Hon. Villar, Camille A.
    District Representative
    Las Piñas City, Lone District
  3. Gonzales, Neptali II M.
    Hon. Gonzales, Neptali II M.
    District Representative
    Mandaluyong City, Lone District
  4. Atienza, Jose Jr. L.
    Hon. Atienza, Jose Jr. L.
    Party List - BUHAY
  5. Arenas, Rose Marie "Baby" J.
    Hon. Arenas, Rose Marie "Baby" J.
    District Representative
    Pangasinan, 3rd District
  6. Marcoleta, Rodante D.
    Hon. Marcoleta, Rodante D.
    Party List - SAGIP
  7. Oaminal, Henry S.
    Hon. Oaminal, Henry S.
    District Representative
    Misamis Occidental, 2nd District
  8. Garcia, Pablo John F.
    Hon. Garcia, Pablo John F.
    District Representative
    Cebu, 3rd District
  9. Savellano, Deogracias Victor "DV" B.
    Hon. Savellano, Deogracias Victor "DV" B.
    District Representative
    Ilocos Sur, 1st District
  10. Santos-Recto, Vilma
    Hon. Santos-Recto, Vilma
    District Representative
    Batangas, 6th District
  11. Hataman,  Mujiv S.
    Hon. Hataman, Mujiv S.
    District Representative
    Basilan, Lone District
  12. Rodriguez, Rufus B.
    Hon. Rodriguez, Rufus B.
    District Representative
    Cagayan de Oro City, 2nd District
  13. Revilla, Strike B.
    Hon. Revilla, Strike B.
    District Representative
    Cavite, 2nd District
  14. Tolentino, Abraham "Bambol" N.
    Hon. Tolentino, Abraham "Bambol" N.
    District Representative
    Cavite, 8th District
  15. Ungab, Isidro T.
    Hon. Ungab, Isidro T.
    District Representative
    Davao City, 3rd District
  16. Alonte, Marlyn "Len" B.
    Hon. Alonte, Marlyn "Len" B.
    District Representative
    Biñan City, Lone District

House Rules V: Section 17. Duties and Powers

The duties and powers of the Deputy Speakers are:

  1. to assume the duties and powers of the Speaker when so chosen by a majority vote or by lot among themselves, as the case may be, in cases of absence or temporary incapacity of the Speaker, until such time that the Speaker returns to office and resumes work; and, in case of resignation, removal, permanent incapacity or death of the Speaker, until such time that a new Speaker is elected and qualified;
  2. to preside over the session when, even if present, the Speaker does not preside, or has not designated any other Member as temporary presiding officer;
  3. to monitor, coordinate and facilitate action on measures filed, requests, and other concerns of Members representing constituencies to which they may be assigned by the Speaker;
  4. to recommend to the Speaker appropriate policies, strategies and programs of action to improve the process of legislation and the quality of legislative measures, and to effectively address concerns of Members on matters affecting them, their constituencies, and the overall operations and integrity of the House;
  5. to appoint personnel of the House when so authorized by the Speaker; and
  6. to perform such other duties and functions as may be assigned or delegated to them by the Speaker.