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SOURCE: Committee Management Support Service I


The weekly CALENDAR OF COMMITTEE MEETINGS and the COMMITTEE DAILY BULLETIN will not be distributed to the offices of the House Members, Secretariat Officials, and other persons in our mailing list in line with the Guidelines on the Operations of the House of Representatives amid the Covid-19 pandemic. These publications will be available in the House of Representatives website.

Committee/Sub-CommitteeTime and Venue
09:00 AM onwards
Face-to-face meeting at the Spkr. Nograles Hall, 1/F SWA Bldg. (To be livestreamed on the official Facebook page of the HRep)
Briefings/hearings on the proposed FY 2024 budget of the following departments/agencies:

• 9:00 AM
- Office of the Vice President (OVP)

• 10:00 AM
- Department of Education (DepEd)
09:30 AM
Face-to-face meeting at the Spkrs. Aquino/Makalintal Hall, 2/F SWA Bldg. (To be livestreamed on the official Facebook page of the HRep)
HBs 21, 55, 144, 482, 858, 1013, 1014, 2175, 2298, 2523, 2538, 2558, 2690, 2818, 2880, 3082, 3226, 3237, 3302, 3435, 3610, 3670, 3677, 3727, 3788, 3886, 4057, 4326, 4535, 4536, 4865, 5177, 5205, 5810, 5877, 6266, 6278, 6306, 6311 & 6360 – Establishing the national framework for water resource management and creating the Department of Water Resources and the Water Regulatory Commission, defining their mandates, powers and functions, and appropriating funds therefor (Speaker Ferdinand Martin Romualdez, Reps. Joey Sarte Salceda, Edwin Olivarez, Deputy Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Reps. Michael Romero, Ph.D., Bernadette ‘BH’ Herrera, Raul ‘Boboy’ Tupas, Khymer Adan Olaso, Patrick Michael Vargas, Ambrosio Cruz Jr., Deputy Speaker Ralph Recto, Reps. Ron Salo, Keith Micah ‘Atty. Mike’ Tan, Wilbert Lee, Juan Carlos 'Arjo' Atayde, Rosanna ‘Ria’ Vergara, Joseph Stephen ‘Caraps’ Paduano, Rufus Rodriguez, Jaime Fresnedi, Deputy Speaker Kristine Singson-Meehan, Reps. Lorenz Defensor, Jonathan Keith Flores, Paolo Duterte, Florida ‘Rida’ Robes, Edvic Yap, Gus Tambunting, Linabelle Ruth Villarica, Lex Anthony Cris Colada, Jefferson Khonghun, Midy Cua, Luis Raymund ‘LRay’ Villafuerte Jr., Laarni Lavin Roque, Gerville ‘Jinky Bitrics’ Luistro, Joseph Gilbert Violago, Rudys Caesar Fariñas I, Ivan Howard Guintu, Christopherson ‘Coco’ Yap, Reynante Arrogancia, and Lordan Suan)
09:30 AM
Face-to-face meeting at the R. R. Andaya Hall, 2/F Main Bldg. (To be livestreamed on the official Facebook page of the HRep)
Briefing by the Department of the Interior and Local Government, Philippine National Police, Bureau of Fire Protection, and Local Water Utilities Administration on the status of implementation of their 2023 plans and programs and overview of their plans and programs for FY 2024 in Regions I & II and the Cordillera Administrative Region
09:30 AM
Face-to-face meeting at Conf. Rms. 3&4, RVM Bldg. (To be livestreamed on the official Facebook page of the HRep)
Deliberation on the following bills:
• HB 1427 – Prohibiting the development of, production, stockpiling, use of chemical weapons and providing for their destruction, providing penalties for violation thereof (Rep. Jorge ‘PATROL’ Bustos)

• HB 2358 – Increasing campus security and crime awareness by installing closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in all schools and providing funds therefor (Rep. Virgilio Lacson)

• HBs 5369, 6018, 6096, 7100 & 8068 – Requiring business establishments, government offices, public buildings, parks, schools, streets, alleys and other places of public congregation to install CCTV cameras as a means to deter crime (Rep. Rufus Rodriguez, former Rep. Rex Gatchalian, Reps. Romulo ‘Kid’ Peña Jr., Keith Micah ‘Atty. Mike’ Tan, and Eric Go Yap)

Discussion on alleged irregularities committed by some members of the Philippine National Police
ECONOMIC AFFAIRS (Technical Working Group)
10:00 AM
Face-to-face meeting at the Visayan Block Conf. Rm. 3/F, SWA Bldg.
Technical Working Group meeting on the Substitute Bill to HBs 69, 8669, 8708, 8720, 8816 & 8893 – Establishing a framework for blue economy, promoting stewardship and sustainable development of coastal and marine ecosystems and resources (Reps. Francisco ‘Kiko’ Benitez, Gus Tambunting, Luis Raymund ‘LRay’ Villafuerte Jr., Antonio Legarda Jr., Ferdinand Alexander Marcos, and Wilbert Lee)
11:00 AM
Face-to-face meeting at the Commission on Appointments Conf. Rm. 4/F SWA Bldg.
HB 2162 – Establishing the Local Cooperatives Development Fund, appropriating funds therefor (Rep. Luis Raymund ‘LRay’ Villafuerte Jr.)

HB 3492 – Instituting agricultural cooperativism in the Philippines, amending for the purpose certain sections of RA 11364, otherwise known as the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) Charter of 2019, RA 9520, and RA 7160, otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991, and appropriating funds therefor (Rep. Geraldine Roman)

HB 5696 – Providing for modernization funding for the CDA, increasing and reorganizing its administration to promote the viability and growth of cooperatives as instruments of equity, social justice, and economic development (Rep. Michael Romero, Ph.D.)

HB 7559 – Strengthening the water service cooperatives, establishing for the purpose the Local Water Service Cooperatives Development Fund and providing support programs for its growth and development (Rep. Lordan Suan)

HR 618 – Investigation into the alleged irregularities of Dolefil Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Cooperative, oppression of some of its members, and violation or non-observance of pertinent provisions of laws, rules and regulations governing the operation of cooperatives and the implementation of agrarian reform programs and policies (Rep. Isidro Lumayag)
JUSTICE (Technical Working Group)
01:30 PM
Face-to-face meeting at the R. R. Andaya Hall, 2/F Main Bldg.
Technical Working Group meeting on:

HB 5516 – Providing for modernization funding for the Parole and Probation Administration, increasing and reorganizing its administration, providing a less costly alternative to imprisonment of offenders to augment response to individualized community-based treatment programs (Rep. Michael Romero, Ph.D.)

HB 6646 – Providing for a Magna Carta for Probation and Parole Workers, appropriating funds therefor (Rep. Rufus Rodriguez)

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