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SOURCE: Committee Management Support Service I


The weekly CALENDAR OF COMMITTEE MEETINGS and the COMMITTEE DAILY BULLETIN will not be distributed to the offices of the House Members, Secretariat Officials, and other persons in our mailing list in line with the Guidelines on the Operations of the House of Representatives amid the Covid-19 pandemic. These publications will be available in the House of Representatives website.

Committee/Sub-CommitteeTime and Venue
01:30 PM
Virtual Meeting via Zoom (To be livestreamed on the official Facebook page of the HRep)
Substitute Bill to HBs 5581, 6153, 6160, 6221, 6258, 6265, 6267, 6289, 6304, 6488, 6544, 6681, 7240, 2282 & 2349 – Strengthening and codifying the alternative child care laws, reorganizing for this purpose the Inter-Country Adoption Board into the National Authority for Child Care and providing funds therefor (Reps. Yedda Marie Romualdez, Aloysia Lim, Precious Hipolito Castelo, Alyssa Sheena Tan, Michael Defensor, Geraldine Roman, Marlyn ‘Len’ Alonte, Divina Grace Yu, Juliet Ferrer, Janette Garin, Aleta Suarez, Ann Hofer, Rosanna ‘Ria’ Vergara, Maria Lourdes Acosta-Alba, and Deputy Speaker Evelina Escudero)

Substitute Bill to HBs 5609, 5651, 5684, 8295 & 8534 – Strengthening the policies on anti-trafficking in persons, amending for the purpose RA 9208, otherwise known as the Anti-Trafficking Act of 2003, as amended by RA 10364, otherwise known as the Expanded Anti-Trafficking Act of 2012 (Rep. Marlyn ‘Len’ Alonte, Deputy Speaker Bernadette ‘BH’ Herrera-Dy, Reps. Sol Aragones, and Luis Raymund ‘LRay’ Villafuerte Jr.)

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