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SOURCE: Committee Management Support Service I


The weekly CALENDAR OF COMMITTEE MEETINGS and the COMMITTEE DAILY BULLETIN will not be distributed to the offices of the House Members, Secretariat Officials, and other persons in our mailing list in line with the Guidelines on the Operations of the House of Representatives amid the Covid-19 pandemic. These publications will be available in the House of Representatives website.

Committee/Sub-CommitteeTime and Venue
02:30 PM
Virtual Meeting via Zoom (To be livestreamed on the official Facebook page of the HRep)
HBs 246, 6668 & 6752 – Establishing a national minimum wage for private sector workers and imposing stiffer penalties for violations thereof, amending for this purpose PD 442, otherwise known as the Labor Code of the Philippines, as amended (Reps. Ferdinand Gaite, Ramon ‘Mon-Mon’ Guico III, and Josefina Tallado)

HB 276 – Establishing a standard determination of the regional wage levels through the National Wages and Productivity Commission (NWPC) and imposing a stiffer penalty for violation thereof, amending for the purpose the relevant provisions of PD 442, as amended (Rep. Michael Edgar Aglipay)

HB 541 – Amending PD 442, as amended, and providing for the rationalization of wage levels on a national or industrial basis (Rep. Argel Joseph Cabatbat)

HB 2878 – Providing for the rationalization of wage levels on a national and industrial basis, amending for this purpose PD 442, as amended (Majority Leader Ferdinand Martin Romualdez)

HB 668 – Institutionalizing the daily minimum wage for private sector workers, amending for the purpose RA 6727, otherwise known as the Wage Rationalization Act and Articles 121-127 of PD 442, as amended (Rep. Ron Salo)

HR 1676 – Investigation into the performance of the NWPC of the Department of Labor and Employment and its tripartite regional wageboards, on its mandate of wage-setting and other powers and functions, in the light of the demand of the workers for a national minimum wage especially amid the pandemic (Rep. Ferdinand Gaite)

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