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SOURCE: Committee Management Support Service I


The weekly CALENDAR OF COMMITTEE MEETINGS and the COMMITTEE DAILY BULLETIN will not be distributed to the offices of the House Members, Secretariat Officials, and other persons in our mailing list in line with the Guidelines on the Operations of the House of Representatives amid the Covid-19 pandemic. These publications will be available in the House of Representatives website.

Committee/Sub-CommitteeTime and Venue
09:30 AM
Virtual Meeting via Zoom (To be livestreamed on the official Facebook page of the HRep)
HB 4550 – Promoting fair trade in the oil industry, amending for the purpose RA 8479, otherwise known as the Downstream Oil Deregulation Act of 1998 (Deputy Speaker Vilma Santos-Recto)

HB 4711 – Regulating the downstream petroleum industry (Rep. Carlos Isagani Zarate)

HB 5172 – Amending RA 8479 (by expanding the mandate of the Department of Energy to ensure fair and reasonable pricing of petroleum products) (Rep. Mark Go)

HB 5186 – Protecting the Filipino consumer from arbitrary increases in the prices of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) being charged by the players of the LPG industry, amending for the purpose Sections 19 and 14 of RA 8479 (Deputy Speaker Rodante Marcoleta)

HB 7928 – Empowering the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) in monitoring oil prices charged to oil-based power generation facilities, amending RA 8479 (Rep. Sergio Dagooc)

HR 9 – Inquiry into the alleged predatory pricing and/or overpricing of oil products hidden by their unbundled oil prices (Rep. Carlos Isagani Zarate)

HR 390 – Inquiry into the sudden increase in fuel prices for September 2019, with an end view of passing legislation to stabilize fuel prices or amend the appropriate laws (Rep. Stella Luz Quimbo)

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