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SOURCE: Press and Public Affairs Bureau

People warned against fake drugs in the market
Writer: Dionisio P. Tubianosa, Media Relations Service-PRIB
12 December 2014 10:32:03 AM

A Quezon City lawmaker has initiated a congressional inquiry into the reported proliferation of fake drugs that put people's lives in danger.

"The Food and Drug Administration has reported that almost ten percent of medicines available in the country are considered fake," Rep. Winston Castelo said.

The lawmaker has filed HR 1718 urging the House Committees on Dangerous Drugs and Health to investigate, in aid of legislation, the reported widespread sale of counterfeit or fake drugs that put many lives in danger.

"The FDA has been reminding the public to be cautious in buying medical products, noting that counterfeit or fake drugs continue to be distributed despite efforts by authorities to eliminate these illegal activities."

The author cited efforts of the FDA and other government agencies urging the people to always make sure they buy quality, clean, safe, genuine and FDA-registered medical products from registered pharmacies or drug stores.

Castelo even cited that FDA Mindanao east cluster officer-in-charge Jesusa Cirunay was quoted as saying, "Our continuing drive against counterfeit medicines intends to protect the public from the dangers of fake drugs."

Ms. Cirunay also revealed that the FDA has caused the closure of several stores in the country, especially in Mindanao, which were not licensed to sell drugs.