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SOURCE: Press and Public Affairs Bureau

Free admission to museums and historical shrines sought
Writer: Jazmin S. Camero, Media Relations Service-PRIB
10 September 2014 10:11:06 AM

The House Committee on Basic Education and Culture has reported out for floor deliberation a bill granting all public elementary school children free admission to public museums and historical shrines.

Rep. Kimi Cojuangco (5th District, Pangasinan), chairperson of the House body, said the bill mandates all museums and historical shrines to grant free admission to all public elementary school children every Tuesday of every week during the entire school year.

Cojuangco said there are about 300 Philippine Museums and 22 historical shrines and landmarks where a collection of Filipino artifacts, memorable events and other objects of artistic or historical importance may be found.

"Students who are not capable of paying entrance fees will have the opportunity to visit these museums more often and appreciate its significance," Cojuangco said.

Rep. Evelio Leonardia (Lone District, Bacolod City), author of House Bill 2359 to be known as Free Admission to Museums and Historical Shrines Act, said the measure seeks to encourage young Filipinos to appreciate the Philippine cultural heritage thru the constant visit to the museums and historical shrines.

"The bill will provide an avenue for the commemoration of our remarkable historical events, unforgettable heroes and impressive cultural heritage, museums and historical shrines," Leonardia said.

Likewise, Leonardia said the bill would offer "a unique interactive experience to our Filipino school children that incite emotional, mental and cultural curiosity which will lead to the development of their imaginative and inquisitive ability."

"Visiting our museums and historical shrines shall give the children an experience outside the four walls of their classroom where they are given another perspective and new insights on our rich cultural heritage and history," Leonardia said.

Leonardia said museums and historical shrines are institutions that care for the conservation of artifacts and other objects, which have cultural and historical importance.