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SOURCE: Press and Public Affairs Bureau

SALNs of House Members are not secret
Writer: Dionisio P. Tubianosa, MRS-PRIB
11 January 2012 04:33:20 PM

The Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net-Worth (SALN) of Members of the House of Representatives is open for scrutiny, House Secretary General Marilyn Barua-Yap today said.

"We have a standing directive from Speaker Feliciano Belmonte, Jr. to keep our records open, especially to media. We do not discriminate," the House official said.

Atty. Ricardo Bering, chief of the House Records Bureau, also clarified that as custodians of the SALN records, "we just follow the law and the rules and procedures on the matter."

Atty. Bering said that a request for a certified true copy (CTC) is accomplished by the requesting person stating the specific purpose for the request to avoid that such records being used other than the intent of the law.

"For practicality, we also discourage the wholesale request of copies of the 285 Members of the House to avoid the situation that there could be more than one repository of the SALN records, and to maintain order and ensure the integrity of the records," the House official said.

Atty. Bering said that requesting parties could, during regular working hours, do their research at their office and copy the pertinent documents they need.