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SOURCE: Press and Public Affairs Bureau



04 December 2018 05:43:45 PM

Former President and now Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and several House Members share a light moment during a break on Monday's plenary session. The House of Representatives approved on third and final reading vital bills, including those in President Duterte's legislative agenda. The approved bills are House Bill 8677 "Increasing the Excise Tax Rate on Tobacco Products"; HB 6425 "Prescribing An Urgent, Comprehensive And Integrated Land- Based Traffic Management To Effectively Address The Traffic Congestion Crisis In Metro Manila, Metropolitan Cebu And Metropolitan Davao"; HB 8618 "Increasing the Excise Tax Rate on Alcohol Products"; HB 8645 "Passive Income and Financial Intermediary Taxation Act"; HB 8637 "Creating The Regional Investment and Infrastructure Coordinating Hub of Central Luzon"; HB 8636 "Institutionalizing a National Integrated Cancer Control Program"; HB 8649 "Renaming Clark International Airport Located In Angeles City, Province Of Pampanga As Diosdado Macapagal International Airport"; HB 8629 "Institutionalizing An Energy Efficiency And Conservation Program"; and HB 8394 "Providing for a Full and Effective Implementation and Enforcement of International Maritime Instruments." | Rowena B. Bundang/ Perfecto Camero