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Hon. Vergara, Rosanna "Ria" V.

Hon. Vergara, Rosanna "Ria" V.
District Representative
Nueva Ecija, 3rd District

House of Representatives, Quezon City
Rm. NW-313
Phone: (632) 8931-5001, Local: 7352
Direct: 8931-6113




1. Ethics And PrivilegesJournal #6Chairperson 
2. Basic Education And CultureJournal #6Vice Chairperson 
3. Trade And IndustryJournal #6Vice Chairperson 
4. Agriculture And FoodJournal #7Member for the Majority 
5. AppropriationsJournal #10Member for the Majority 
6. EnergyJournal #10Member for the Majority 
7. Foreign AffairsJournal #11Member for the Majority 
8. Globalization And WTOJournal #10Member for the Majority 
9. Housing And Urban DevelopmentJournal #18Member for the Majority 
10. Interparliamentary Relations And DiplomacyJournal #18Member for the Majority 
11. People ParticipationJournal #24Member for the Majority 
12. Welfare Of ChildrenJournal #11Member for the Majority 
13. Women And Gender EqualityJournal #10Member for the Majority