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In response to the rising prices of essential commodities, Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casiño filed HB 6416, which seeks to cut the 12% value added tax (VAT) on oil products, electricity, and water by half to 6%. Casiño avers that the VAT is a regressive tax that must not be imposed on basic utilities as it burdens more the impoverished sectors of society. He adds that the windfall the government obtains from VAT is "immoral" because the same is taken at the expense of the poor.

Should government cut the VAT from 12% to 6%?

  • Yes, it will provide the Filipino people much needed respite from rising prices.  471 votes. (87.38 %)
  • No, it will compromise the government's ability to finance public services and infrastructure.  67 votes. (12.43 %)
  • Abstain.  1 votes. (0.19 %)
  • Total votes: 539 

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