Source: Public Relations and Information Bureau


Rep. Jorge Almonte, chairman of the House Committee on Public Information, said the proposed Freedom of Information (FOI) bill seeks to implement the constitutional right of the people to access official records, documents, research papers, decisions and other information involving public interest.

However, several lawmakers insist that the FOI bill should also contain a "right of reply" provision which would require media to allot airtime or print media space to aggrieved parties or to those claiming to be unjustly placed in a bad light by news stories.

Do you agree that a "right of reply" provision must be incorporated in the proposed FOI statute.

  • Yes  128 votes. (27.41 %)
  • No  331 votes. (70.88 %)
  • Undecided  8 votes. (1.71 %)
  • Total votes: 467 

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