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We, the Members of the House of Representatives of the Republic of the Philippines, in order to fulfill our constitutional duty to make laws that effectively respond to the needs of our people and fulfill their aspirations for a just and humane society where every Filipino can enjoy the blessings of freedom and democracy under a Government strengthened by the rule of law, social justice and people empowerment, hereby promulgate and pledge faithful obedience to these Rules.

Declaration of Principles and Policies

  1. The House of Representatives is the House of the People. The involvement and participation of the people in the processes of legislation shall be encouraged, guaranteed and sustained.
  2. Public office is a public trust. The House of Representatives and every Member thereof are accountable to the people at all times. They shall perform their legislative mandates with utmost competence, efficiency, effectiveness, integrity and fidelity to the people's welfare.
  3. Efficient and effective access to and dissemination of appropriate and accurate information are imperative in lawmaking. The development of institutional capabilities to harness technology to improve the legislative process and to continually inform the public of legislative performance in all facets of legislative work shall be pursued vigorously.
  4. The continuing development of the capabilities of Members to craft and secure the passage of socially relevant legislation is imperative. Continuing educative programs in disciplines relating to legislative work and its effective management shall be implemented for the Members. The establishment of institutional continuing education instrumentalities and systems and the pursuit of cooperative and coordinative networks with academic communities and the private sector for the purpose shall be fostered and strengthened.
  5. The harnessing and development of a competent and efficient corps of professionals able to provide necessary legislative support services is a paramount concern. Programs for the continuing recruitment, training and development of qualified professionals and the establishment of appropriate organizational systems to best utilize their talents and skills to enhance institutional legislative performance shall be undertaken.

SOURCE: Committee on Rules