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Section 156. Use of the Session Hall, Conference Rooms, Lounges and Lobbies. The session hall shall be used only for Plenary sessions, Conference rooms shall be used only for committee meetings, caucuses and meetings of Members except when the House directs otherwise. The South and North Lounges shall be for exclusive use of House Members and their guests, respectively. The South and North Wing Lobbies shall be used only for the official functions of the House of Representatives.

Communications, documents, publications and other information materials written by or prepared under the direction of a Member, may be distributed in the Session Hall by such Member, personally or through facilities or employees of the House, Provided, That the author or source thereof is properly identified in such communications, documents, publications and other information materials.

Any Member availing of the Privilege Hour who wishes to make audio-visual presentation in the course of the Member's privilege speech, shall submit an electronic copy of the audio-visual presentation to the Majority Leader at least three (3) days before the intended date of availment of the Privilege Hour.

Section 157. Space Reserved for Members. The Sergeant-at-Arms shall not permit persons other than Members and authorized House personnel to enter or stay within the space designated in the session hall for Members and House personnel needed therein while the House is in session. Fifteen (15) minutes before the session, the Sergeant-at- Arms shall clear said space of all other persons and it shall be so kept until recess or adjournment. This section shall not be suspended, except with respect to resource person(s) or technical assistant(s) needed by the reporting committee or by the proponent of a motion under consideration.

Section 158. Assignment of Seats and Rooms. Except those assigned to the Deputy Speakers, the Majority Leader, the Minority Leader, and the 2nd and 3rd term Members who may choose to retain the rooms previously assigned to them, rooms in the House building shall strictly be assigned by lot to the Members. The Secretary General shall schedule the date and designate the place for the drawing of lots for room assignments and shall ensure that all Members are given due notice thereof at least seven (7) days before the scheduled date. Seats in the session hall shall be assigned in accordance with the instructions of the Speaker.

SOURCE: Committee on Rules