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Section 147. Closed-Circuit Viewing of Floor Proceedings.The Speaker shall administer a system for closed-circuit viewing of floor proceedings of the House in the offices of all Members and in such other places in House buildings as the Speaker considers appropriate. Such system may include other telecommunications functions as the Speaker considers appropriate. Any such telecommunications shall be subject to rules and regulations issued by the Speaker.

Section 148. Public Broadcasting and Recording of Floor Proceedings. (a) The Speaker shall administer a system for complete and unedited audio and visual broadcasting and recording of the proceedings of the House. The Speaker shall provide for the distribution of such broadcasts and recordings to news media, for the storage of audio and video recordings of the proceedings, and for the closed-captioning of the proceedings for hearing impaired persons. Any such public broadcasting and system of recording of floor proceedings shall be subject to rules and regulations issued by the Speaker;

(b) All television and radio broadcasting stations, networks, services, and systems (including cable systems) that are accredited to the House radio and television correspondents' galleries, and all radio and television correspondents who are so accredited, shall be provided access to the live coverage of the House; and

(c) Coverage made available under this section, including any recording thereof-

  1. may not be used for any political purpose;
  2. may not be used in any commercial advertisement; and
  3. may not be broadcast with commercial sponsorship except as part of a bona fide news program or public affairs documentary program.

SOURCE: Committee on Rules