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Section 144. Congressional Record. The Congressional Record shall be a substantially verbatim account of remarks made during the proceedings of the House, subject only to technical, grammatical, and typographical corrections authorized by the Member involved.

Section 145. Delivery of Papers to Archives. All papers and records relating to the completed business of the House shall be delivered to, kept by and preserved in the Archives. All pending matters and proceedings shall terminate upon the expiration of the term of a Congress and the records pertaining thereto delivered to the Archives within fifteen (15) days after such expiration.

Section 146. Duty of Committee Secretaries. Committee Secretaries shall, within seven (7) days after the enactment of bills or joint resolutions, and fifteen (15) days after final adjournment of Congress, deliver to the Archives all bills, resolutions, petitions and other papers referred to their respective committees including all records of proceedings, reports of investigations conducted, and all evidences taken by such committees together with the electronic copies thereof.

Upon neglect or failure of the Committee Secretaries to comply with this rule, the Secretary General shall, within seven (7) days thereafter, take custody of all such papers and may impose appropriate disciplinary action on concerned Committee Secretaries.

Section 147. Records and Books Open to the Public. The records and books of accounts of the House including plenary records shall be preserved and be open to the public in accordance with law.  Books of accounts of the House shall be available for audit by the Commission on Audit.

SOURCE: Committee on Rules