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Section 121. Day for Privilege Hour. On Mondays, after the First Reading and referral to committees of bills, proposed resolutions, messages, communications, petitions and memorials, there shall be, without extension, a Privilege Hour which shall not be interrupted by any question or motion except a point of order or a motion to adjourn: Provided, that in exceptional circumstances where the person or integrity of a Member or the integrity of the House is in clear danger of, or has been inflicted with, such grave harm or injury, a question of personal and collective privilege may be allowed to interrupt the Privilege Hour.

Upon the unanimous consent of the House, the Privilege Hour having expired, may be continued after the consideration of the Business for the Day. On any other day, upon the unanimous consent of the House, there shall be a Privilege Hour after the consideration of the Business for the Day.

Any Member may speak on any matter of general interest. If more than one Member desires to make use of this privilege, the first to register, either in writing with the Committee on Rules or verbally in open session, shall be given precedence. If, sufficient time is left of the hour after a Member finished speaking, the next Member who registered to speak may do so, and so on until the full hour is consumed. If requests to make use of the Privilege Hour remain recorded at the expiration of the hour, they shall be recorded in the same order for the next Monday, or for such other day that a Privilege Hour is conducted, as the case may be.

Members shall not avail of the Privilege Hour to speak on concerns that are the principal subject matter of measures already pending in any committee or in plenary session.

SOURCE: Committee on Rules