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Section 115. Manner of Voting. The Speaker shall rise and state the motion or question that is being put to a vote in clear, precise and simple language. The Speaker shall say “as many as are in favor, (as the question may be) say ‘aye’”.  After the affirmative vote is counted, the Speaker shall say “as many as are opposed, (as the question may be) say ‘nay’”.

If the Speaker doubts the result of the votingor a motion to divide the House is carried, the House shall divide. The Speaker shall ask those in favor to rise, to be followed by those against. If still in doubt of the outcome or a count by tellers is demanded, the Speaker shall name one (1) Member from each side of the question to count the Members in the affirmative and those in the negative. After the count is reported, the Speaker shall announce the result.

An abstention shall not be counted as a vote. Unless otherwise provided by the Constitution or by these rules, a majority of those voting, there being a quorum, shall decide the issue.

Section 116. Nominal Voting. Upon motion of a Member, duly approved by one-fifth (1/5) of the Members present, there being a quorum, nominal voting on any question may be called. In case of nominal voting, the Secretary General shall call, in alphabetical order, the names of the Members who shall state their vote as their names are called.

Section 117. Second Call on Nominal Voting. A second call on nominal voting shall be made to allow Members who did not vote during the first call to vote. Members who fail to vote during the second call shall no longer be allowed to vote.

Section 118. Explanation of Vote. During nominal voting, the vote made may be explained by the concerned Member in not more than three (3) minutes: Provided, That in case of approval on Third Reading of bills and joint resolutions, explanation of vote shall be allowed only after the announcement by the Secretary General of the results of nominal voting thereon; Provided further, That no other motions shall be considered until after the explanation of votes, if any.

Section 119. No Interruption During Voting. The voting shall not be interrupted by any other business or question.

Section 120. Tie Vote. The Speaker shall vote only in case of a tie.  A tie on an appeal from the ruling of the Chair sustains the decision of the Chair.

Section 121. Recording of Results of Nominal Voting. The affirmative and negative votes on any question subject to nominal voting shall be entered in the Journal.

SOURCE: Committee on Rules