Who Can Use LEGIS?
Legislative information is available to anybody who wishes to access them through the House LEGIS.

What is LEGIS?
LEGIS is a browser-based system that allows a user connected to the Internet to access, retrieve, print or save structured bills information and status as well as download full texts of bills, republic acts, House Journals, House publications and other published legislative materials and documents.

The heart of the LEGIS is the On-line Query, which is designed to be a flexible query system for House bills/resolutions, privilege speeches and transmitted Senate bills. Through this module, users can do a bill/resolution search in various ways: by number, author, committee referral, title, etc. Users may also further limit search by specifying type, significance, status and period covered as well as defining specific data outputs. Another important feature is that users can have query results disposed in several formats: either in link-enabled(HTML), printable, save(text) or even columnar format which is suitable for export to EXCEL and other similar structured data types such as databases.

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Access/Query information on House bills and resolutions.

Get updated statistical reports on authored/referred House bills and resolutions

Find your member and view his/her contact info, bills filed and committee memberships.

Schedule of Meetings

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House Members Information
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LEGIS Manual
LEGIS Users' Manual [2.8m]

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