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SOURCE: Committee Management Support Service II


Unless otherwise indicated, all committee meeting venues are located at the House of Representatives Complex.

Committee/Sub-CommitteeTime and Venue
09:30 AM
Conf. Room 5 RVM Bldg.
Committee Report on HR 120 – Inquiry into the alleged violations in the contracts between Oil Palm Plantation Cooperatives in Southern Palawan and Agumil Phils., Inc. which put cooperatives in huge debts and displaced farmers from their own lands (Rep. Anthony Bravo Ph. D.)

HRs 1284 & 1285 – Recognizing, commending and expressing congratulations to the following cooperatives for winning the Land Bank’s 2017 Gawad Pitak award last August 14, 2017 at the Philippine International Convention Center; Nagkakaisang Magsasaka Agricultural Primary Multipurpose Cooperative of Talavera, Nueva Ecija; Buenavista Development Cooperative of Guimaras; and Sacred Heart Savings Cooperative of Galimuyod, Ilocos Sur (Rep. Rico Geron)

HR 1302 – Recognizing and commending the Tagum Cooperative for its outstanding achievements and leadership as a cooperative and for its significant role and contribution to cooperative development (Rep. Rico Geron)
09:30 AM
Spkr. Belmonte Hall 1/F SWA Bldg.
Substitute Bill to HBs 5134 & 6383 – Strengthening the Office of the Ombudsman, upgrading employee skills and augmenting compensation and benefits, enhancing fiscal autonomy, appropriating funds therefor, amending for this purpose RA 6770, otherwise known as the Ombudsman Act of 1989 (Reps. Sherwin Tugna and Ann Hofer)

Substitute Bill to HB 3467 – Revised Anti-Hazing Law (Rep. Bernadette Herrera-Dy)

Substitute Bill to HBs 8, 775, 3081 & 3296 – Institutionalizing a criminal investigation system, repealing for the purpose RA 5180 or the law prescribing a uniform system of preliminary investigation by provincial and city fiscals and their assistants, and by state attorneys or their assistants (Majority Leader Rodolfo Fariñas, Reps. Emmeline Aglipay-Villar, Winston ‘Winnie’ Castelo, and Evelina Escudero)
09:30 AM
Spkr. Yñiguez Hall 1/F SWA Bldg.
HB 5674 – Requiring a legislative franchise as a pre-requisite to the issuance of a mineral agreement or Financial and Technical Assistance Agreement (FTAA) for any mining project in the Philippines, amending for this purpose Secs. 27 and 33 of RA 7942, otherwise known as the Mining Act of 1995 (Rep. Luisa Lloren Cuaresma)

HB 6259 – Amending certain portions of RA 7942, by prohibiting mining in watersheds, requiring a legislative franchise for mining operations (Speaker Pantaleon ‘Bebot’ Alvarez)
CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS Subcommittee 1 (Review of Articles VI, VII, & X)
10:00 AM
Spkr. Nograles Hall 1/F SWA Bldg.
Presentation of the Federalism Study Group of the PDP-Laban Institute

Discussion on the proposed amendments to Article X (Local Government) of the 1987 Constitution and on regional powers and fiscal sharing in connection with the proposed shift from a unitary to a federal type of government
01:00 PM
Spkr. Villar Hall 1/F SWA Bldg.
Committee Report on HB 968 – Declaring the first day of February of every year as National Hijab Day (Rep. Sitti Djalia Turabin-Hataman)

HB 4784 – Strengthening the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) and amending certain sections of RA 9997, otherwise known as the NCMF Act of 2009 (Rep. Mohamad Khalid Dimaporo)

HB 5740 – Establishing a field office of the NCMF to be located in the Municipality of Tubod, Lanao del Norte and appropriating funds therefor (Rep. Mohamad Khalid Dimaporo)

Briefing by the Department of National Defense (DND) and the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) on the progress and status of the rehabilitation program and projects of the Task Force Bangon Marawi as mandated by Administrative Order No. 3
01:30 PM
Spkr. Laurel Hall 2/F SWA Bldg.
Draft Committee Report on the Substitute Bill to HB 469 – Providing for the inclusion of the Fernando Air Base in Lipa City, Batangas in the conversion of military reservations into other productive uses, amending for the purpose RA 7227, as amended, otherwise known as the Bases Conversion and Development Act of 1992 (Deputy Speaker Raneo Abu)

HB 3685 – Amending Sec.15 of RA 7227, as amended (Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo)

HB 2391 – Changing the allocation formula used in the computation of the share of the local government units (LGUs) in the 2% tax on gross income earned by all business enterprises within the Subic Special Economic Zone (SSEZ), amending for the purpose RA 7227, as amended (Rep. Geraldine Roman)

HB 6379 – Amending RA 7227, as amended (Rep. Emi Calixto-Rubiano)

Letter Complaint of Atty. Wilma Eisma, administrator and chief executive officer of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA), on the alleged violations of Martin Diño, chairman and head of agency of SBMA of the status quo ante order of the Committee
01:30 PM
Spkrs. Aquino/ Makalintal Hall 2/F SWA Bldg.
Substitute Bill to HBs 929, 2556, 2874, 2907, 3629 & 4241 – Providing for the establishment of the No Calls and No Text Registration System (Reps. Francis Gerald Abaya, Winston ‘Winnie’ Castelo, Victor Yap, Federico ‘Ricky’ Sandoval II, and Salvador Belaro)

Substitute Bill to HBs 590, 931, 1193,1258, 2328, 2648, 2809, 3649, 3661, 4014, 4404, 4646, 5382 & 5591 – Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Card Registration Act (Reps. Mariano Michael Velarde Jr., Francis Gerald Abaya, Roy Loyola, Rozzano Rufino Biazon, Magnolia Antonino, Wes Gatchalian, Winston ‘Winnie’ Castelo, Maximo Rodriguez Jr., Federico ‘Ricky’ Sandoval II, Carmelo ‘Jon’ Lazatin II, Joel Mayo Almario, Manuel Luis Lopez, and Gus Tambunting)

Updates on the National Broadband Plan

HBs 2333, 2604, 2872, 4654 & 5109 – Prohibiting telecommunication companies from imposing an expiration period on the validity of prepaid call and text cards and the forfeiture of load credits, providing penalties for violations thereof (Reps. Carlos Cojuangco, Vilma Santos-Recto, Victor Yap, Carmelo ‘Jon’ Lazatin II, and Winston ‘Winnie’ Castelo)

HB 2447 – Prohibiting the imposition of expiration of prepaid cards, certificates or other devices of prepayment of goods and services, providing penalties for violations thereof (Rep. Arthur Yap)

HB 3268 – Prohibiting cellular mobile phone providers from conveying unsought services that are automatically and involuntarily charged against the account of subscribers, imposing penalties on unlawful acts of the providers (Rep. Harry Roque Jr.)

HR 100 – Investigation on all public telecommunications companies on the numerous complaints of subscribers on massive loss of prepaid loads even before they consume them (Rep. Winston ‘Winnie’ Castelo)

HR 254 – Inquiry into the current validity periods for prepaid load credits, with the aim of prohibiting any kind of expiration period on the validity of the prepaid load credits, as well as calling the attention of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) and the Office of the President (OP) over the same issues (Rep. Bernadette Herrera-Dy)
01:30 PM
Spkr. Perez Hall 2/F SWA Bldg.
Substitute Bill to HBs 5842, 6120, 6237 & 6323 – Encouraging volunteerism during emergencies by protecting volunteers from liability (Reps. Alfredo Vargas III, John Marvin ‘Yul Servo’ Nieto, Delphine Gan Lee, and ‘Kuya’ Jose Antonio Sy-Alvarado)
01:30 PM
Conf. Rooms 7&8 RVM Bldg.
Substitute Bill to HBs 1557, 1570 & 3134 – Supporting the production of Philippine independent films by providing incentives to filmmakers who are given honors in notable international film competitions (Reps. Luis Raymund ‘LRay’ Villafuerte Jr., Alfredo Vargas III, and Strike Revilla)

HBs 1647 & 4399 – Strengthening the powers and functions of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB), amending for the purpose PD 1986, creating the MTRCB (Deputy Speaker Linabelle Ruth Villarica and Rep. Alfredo Vargas III)

HB 4780 – Prohibiting the use of the word "Lanao" to generalize the area in the Provinces of Lanao del Norte, Lanao del Sur and Iligan City in mass media and providing penalties therefor (Rep. Mohamad Khalid Dimaporo)

HBs 685, 913 & 2395 – Providing for a journalist protection, security and benefit program (Reps. Raul Del Mar, Harry Roque Jr., and Carlos Isagani Zarate)
01:30 PM
R. R. Andaya Hall 2/F Main Bldg.
HBs 943 & 4905 – Amending Secs. 2 and 3 (B) of RA 8794, otherwise known as the Motor Vehicle User’s Charge (MVUC) Act of 2000 (Reps. Tobias ‘Toby’ Tiangco and Manuel Monsour Del Rosario III)

HB 2603 – Creating the Special Mass Transit System Support Fund, amending for the purpose Secs. 7 and 8 of RA 8794 (Rep. Vilma Santos-Recto)

HB 2605 – Exempting public utility vehicles from the MVUC, amending for the purpose Secs. 2 and 3 of RA 8794 (Rep. Vilma Santos-Recto)

HB 3680 – Reconfiguring the disposition of the monies collected and delineating the status of the special funds, amending for the purpose Secs. 7 and 8 of RA 8794 (Minority Leader Danilo Suarez)

HB 4467 – Allocating 5% of the collections from the MVUC to the Department of Education (DepEd) for the inclusion of driver's education subjects in the senior high school curriculum, amending for the purpose RA 8794 (Rep. Ana Cristina Siquian Go)

HB 5570 – Providing funds for the payment of energy costs of street lights, traffic lights, and other road and safety devices installed in national roads, amending for the purpose Sec. 7 of RA 8794 (Rep. Mario Vittorio ‘Marvey’ Mariño)

HB 5804 – Amending RA 8794 (Rep. Luis Raymund Villafuerte Jr.)

HB 5851 – Amending Sec. 6 of RA 8794 on the penalty for overloading (Rep. Harry Roque Jr.)
01:30 PM
Spkr. Yñiguez Hall 1/F SWA Bldg.
HBs 536, 3446, 3632, 4430 & 5549 – Requiring parents to plant one or two trees for every child born to them (Reps. Eric Olivarez, Marlyn Primicias-Agabas, Mark Go, Harlin Neil Abayon III, and Elisa ‘Olga’ Kho)

HB 772 – Requiring the planting of trees for any construction of residential, commercial or industrial structures (Rep. Emmeline Aglipay-Villar)

HB 3290 – Requiring sufficient canopy trees and flora in the construction of buildings and its appurtenant lands and structures (Rep. Nancy Catamco)

HB 1154 – Requiring all graduating elementary, high school, and college students to plant at least 10 trees each as a prerequisite for graduation (Rep. Gary Alejano)

HB 3132 – Requiring every student to plant trees every year (Rep. Strike Revilla)

HR 382 – Inquiry into the alleged irregularities and wrong policies in the implementation of the National Greening Program (NGP) with the view of assessing the effectivity of the program (Rep. Divina Grace Yu)
01:30 PM
Spkr. Zulueta Hall 2/F SWA Bldg.
HR 933 – Inquiry into the need to increase investment in water and sanitation to meet the targets under the sustainable development goals (SDGs) as underscored by the World Health Organization (WHO) in its new report published on behalf of United Nations (UN) - Water as it warned that almost two billion people currently consume contaminated water (Rep. Winston ‘Winnie’ Castelo)

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