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SOURCE: Committee Management Support Service I


Unless otherwise indicated, all committee meeting venues are located at the House of Representatives Complex.

Committee/Sub-CommitteeTime and Venue
09:00 AM
Conf. Rms. 1&2, RVM Bldg.
Technical Working Group meeting on:

HB 82 – Amending Sections 9 and 41 of RA 8291 or the Government Service Insurance Act of 1997, by defining "basic monthly pension" and increasing the membership of the Board of Trustees of the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) (Rep. Alfredo Garbin)

HBs 228, 1033 & 2787 – Further strengthening the GSIS (Reps. France Castro, Joey Sarte Salceda, and Rufus Rodriguez)

HBs 1651 & 4537 – Institutionalizing the rights of GSIS members, providing them additional representation in the GSIS Board (Rep. Manuel Cabochan III and Deputy Speaker Vilma Santos-Recto)

HB 2914 – Increasing the monthly income benefits for work-related permanent disability and death of workers and employees (Rep. Precious Hipolito Castelo)

HB 4780 – Mandating the payment of retirement benefits to Social Security System (SSS) or GSIS members within a maximum period of 30 days from the retirement date (Rep. Ramon ‘Mon-Mon’ Guico III, DPM)

HB 4832 – Upgrading the pension benefits under the GSIS, further amending for the purpose PD 1146, as amended, also known as the Government Service Insurance Act of 1997 (Rep. Jericho Jonas Nograles)

HBs 5540 & 5714 – Providing for the automatic annual adjustment of the pension of retirees from the government who are members of the GSIS (Reps. Romeo Momo and Francisco Datol Jr.)

HB 5587 – Amending PD 1146, as amended (by extending the age of legal dependents from 18 to 23 years old) (Rep. Florencio Noel)

HBs 5833, 5962 & 6034 – Revised Charter of the GSIS (Rep. Joey Sarte Salceda and Deputy Speaker Johnny Ty Pimentel, and Rep. Rufus Rodriguez)
09:30 AM
Spkr. Belmonte Hall 1/F SWA Bldg.
Substitute Bill to HBs 222, 871, 1285, 1627, 2041, 3449, 4494, 5157, 5168 & 5392 – Institutionalizing the grant of a teaching supplies allowance for public school teachers and appropriating funds therefor (Reps. France Castro, Ma. Victoria Umali, Deputy Speaker Luis Raymund 'LRay' Villafuerte Jr., Reps. 'Kuya' Jose Antonio Sy-Alvarado, Alfred Vargas, Deputy Speaker Vilma Santos-Recto, Reps. Manuel Cabochan III, Cristal Bagatsing, and Florencio Noel)

HB 6125 – Suspending the implementation of the use of mother tongue as the medium of instructions for Kindergarten to Grade 3 (Rep. Roman Romulo)

Measures on the K to 12 Basic Education Program:
HRs 20, 335 & 473 – Inquiry into the status of the implementation of RA 10533, otherwise known as the Enhanced Basic Education Act (Reps. France Castro, Roman Romulo, and Deputy Speaker Evelina Escudero)

HR 106 – Calling for the immediate review and removal of the K to 12 Program (Rep. Sarah Jane Elago)

HR 575 – Urging the Department of Education (DepEd) to institute measures and policies in order to address the waning quality of education in the country as reported in the 2018 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) (Rep. Precious Hipolito Castelo)

HR 586 – Inquiry into the alleged poor performance of 15 year-old Filipino students in the PISA examinations administered by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in the year 2018 (Rep. Rozzano Rufino Biazon)

HR 626 – Investigation into the educational performance of the Philippines (Rep. Elpidio Barzaga Jr.)

Measures on the production of textbooks, supplementary reading, references, and other instructional materials for basic education:
HR 5 – Inquiry into the virtual ban of private publishers in the procurement of supplementary reading, reference, and other instructional materials for public schools, in violation of existing laws and regulations (Deputy Speaker Rodante Marcoleta)

HRs 219, 234, 241 & 257 – Investigation into the production of error-filled learning materials and non-distribution of procured instructional materials by the DepEd based on the 2018 Commission on Audit (COA) report (Rep. Precious Hipolito Castelo, Minority Leader Bienvenido Abante Jr., and Rep. Lawrence ‘Law’ Fortun)

HR 277 – Inquiry into the implementation of RA 8047 and other related laws especially on the production, publication and distribution of books and textbooks with the end in view of enacting legislative measures to improve and enhance the National Book Policy and National Book Development Plan of the country (Deputy Speaker Evelina Escudero)

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