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SOURCE: Committee Management Support Service II


Unless otherwise indicated, all committee meeting venues are located at the House of Representatives Complex.

Committee/Sub-CommitteeTime and Venue
09:00 AM
R. R. Andaya Hall 2/F Main Bldg.
- Briefing by the concerned government agencies on the following issues:
• Budget allocation for social protection measures and pertinent Executive issuances
• Unconditional Cash Transfer;
• Fuel voucher for public utility jeepneys;
• Fare discount;
• Discounted purchase of NFA rice;
• Free skills training; and
• Social benefits card.

- Challenges/action taken by the government on profiteering and price monitoring in compliance with RA 10623, otherwise known as the Price Act;

- Utilization of revenues generated from RA 10963, otherwise known as the Train Law, for the benefit of sugar farmers;

- Social protection program that may be rolled-out to help mitigate increasing prices of commodities; and

- Other social benefits programs to be developed and implemented by the government.
WAYS AND MEANS (Technical Working Group)
01:00 PM
R. R. Andaya Hall 2/F Main Bldg.
Technical Working Group meeting on:

HBs 3655, 3832, 4011, 4133 & 7105 – Granting tax amnesty on all unpaid internal revenue tax liabilities (Rep. Michael Romero Ph.D., Minority Leader Danilo Suarez, Rep. Jocelyn Limkaichong, Deputy Speaker Eric Singson, and Speaker Pantaleon ‘Bebot’ Alvarez)

HB 4412 – Enhancing revenue administration and collection by granting an amnesty on all accrued penalties and charges of businesses which ceased to operate without clearance from the national government (Rep. Wes Gatchalian)

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