14-March-2018, Wednesday

Unless otherwise indicated, all committee meeting venues are located at the House of Representatives Complex

09:00 AM

Spkr. De Venecia Hall 1/F SWA Bldg. HB 3184 – Providing the probationary period of employment of academic personnel in private schools, thereby amending for the purpose PD 442, as amended, otherwise known as the Labor Code of the Philippines (Rep. Harry Roque Jr.)

HR 432 – Inquiry into the conditions of working students hired on part-time employment (Rep. Randolph Ting)
09:30 AM

Spkr. Fuentebella Hall 1/F SWA Bldg. Technical Working Group meeting on the Substitute Bill to HBs 6111 & 6514 – Rationalizing and consolidating government regulations on games of chance, creating for the purpose the Philippine Amusements and Gaming Authority (PAGA) and appropriating funds therefor (Rep. Enrico Pineda and Speaker Pantaleon ‘Bebot’ Alvarez)
09:30 AM

Spkr. Nograles Hall 1/F SWA Bldg. Approval of the Committee Report and the resolution forth the Articles of Impeachment against Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno
09:30 AM

Spkr. Laurel Hall 2/F SWA Bldg. Briefing on the Committee’s Rules of Procedure

Briefing by the Philippine Institute of Environmental Planners (PIEP) and Chamber of Real Estate and Builders’ Associations Inc. (CREBA) in relation to HB 5240 – Instituting a national land use and management policy, providing the implementing mechanisms and appropriating funds therefor (Rep. Kaka Bag-ao)
09:30 AM

Spkrs. Aquino/ Makalintal Hall 2/F SWA Bldg. Approval of the Substitute Bill to HBs 456 & 1286 and the draft Committee Report – Providing for a Maritime Code for the full and effective implementation and enforcement of international maritime instruments of which the Philippines is a state-party – the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, and its Protocols of 1978 and 1988, and Agreement of 1996, the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, 1973, its Protocol of 1978 and its Protocol of 1997; the Convention on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 1972; the International Convention of Load Lines 1966, and its Protocol of 1988, as amended in 2003; the International Convention of the Tonnage Measurement of Ships 1969 (Reps. Jesulito Manalo and Teddy Brawner Baguilat Jr.)

HB 1318 – Requiring the mandatory compliance by all motorcycle drivers and operators to automatically turn on and ride with their headlights on at all hours of the day and night on all roads (Rep. Mariano Michael Velarde Jr.)

HB 3740 – Requiring the impounding of motor vehicles involved in a vehicular incident that resulted in the death or serious physical injury of a pedestrian, commuter, or by-stander, unless a cash bond is posted (Rep. Rodante Marcoleta)
09:30 AM

Spkrs. Aquino/ Makalintal Hall 2/F SWA Bldg. Approval of the Substitute Bill to HBs 5381, 5714, 5839 & 6226 and the draft Committee Report – Penalizing and preventing the use of motorcycles or scooters in the commission of crimes through the use of bigger plate numbers and identification marks, and regulation of back riders (Rep. Victor Yap, Deputy Speaker Ferdinand Hernandez, Reps. Reynaldo Umali and Luis Raymund ‘LRay’ Villafuerte Jr.)
09:30 AM

R. R. Andaya Hall 2/F Main Bldg. HR 1460 – Investigation into the proliferation of the off-dock container yard/container freight stations (CY/CFS) causing an imperil on the Bureau of Customs' (BOC) capacity to closely supervise and control these sensitive areas of customs operations (Deputy Speaker Sharon Garin)
HR 1667 – Reviewing the provisions of the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act (RA 10863) on the disposition of property in the custody of the BOC (Rep. Dakila Carlo Cua)

Update by the BOC on the draft implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of Section 1226 (Supervision and Regulation of Third Parties) of RA 10863
01:00 PM

Spkr. Fuentebella Hall 1/F SWA Bldg. Substitute Bill to HBs 2873, 5195, 5765 & 7148 – Establishing number portability for mobile phone service (Reps. Victor Yap, Lord Allan Jay Velasco, Wes Gatchalian, and Alfredo Vargas III)
HBs 2333, 2447, 2604, 2872, 3268, 4654 & 5109 – Prohibiting telecommunications companies from imposing an expiration period on the validity of pre-paid call and text cards and the forfeiture of load credits, providing penalties for violations thereof (Reps. Carlos ‘Charlie’ Cojuangco, Arthur Yap, Vilma Santos-Recto, Victor Yap, Harry Roque Jr., Carmelo ‘Jon’ Lazatin II, and Winston ‘Winnie’ Castelo)
HR 100 – Investigation into all public telecommunications companies on the numerous complaints of many subscribers on massive loss of pre-paid loads even before they consume them (Rep. Winston ‘Winnie’ Castelo)
HR 254 – Inquiry into the current validity periods for prepaid load credits, with the aim of prohibiting any kind of expiration period on the validity of prepaid load credits, as well as calling the attention of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) and the Office of the President (OP) over the same issue (Rep. Bernadette Herrera-Dy)
HB 6736 – Systemizing spectrum user fees imposed against all allocated and assigned radio frequency bands, amending for the purpose RA 7925, otherwise known as the Public Telecommunications Policy Act of the Philippines (Rep. Dakila Carlo Cua)
HR 1338 – Investigation into the management and administration of the country's radio frequency spectrum by the NTC (Rep. Victor Yap)
LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT (Technical Working Group)
01:00 PM

Conf. Rm. 6, RVM Bldg. Technical Working Group meeting on:

HB 1355 – Reducing the minimum membership requirement for registration of unions or federations and streamlining the process of registration, amending for this purpose Articles 234, 235, 236 and 237 of PD 442, as amended, otherwise known as the Labor Code of the Philippines (Rep. Karlo Alexei Nograles)

HB 4928 – Strengthening union organization and disallowing cancellation of union registration, amending for the purpose PD 442, as amended (Rep. Raymond Democrito Mendoza)
01:30 PM

Spkr. Belmonte Hall 1/F SWA Bldg. Substitute Bill to HBs 2165, 2915, 3229, 5674 & 6259 – Requiring a legislative franchise for mining operations and providing incentives to minerals processing, amending RA 7942, otherwise known as the Philippine Mining Act of 1995 (Reps. Erlpe John ‘Ping’ Amante, Joseph Stephen Paduano, Francisco Jose ‘Bingo’ Matugas II, Luisa Lloren Cuaresma, and Speaker Pantaleon ‘Bebot’ Alvarez)

Substitute Bill to HBs 656, 1584, 1586, 1916, 2396, 4865, 5058 & 6284 – Granting additional privileges to persons with disability (PWD), amending for the purpose RA 7277, as amended, otherwise known as the Magna Carta for Persons with Disability, and appropriating funds therefor (Reps. Jerry Treñas, Alfredo Vargas III, Micaela Violago, ‘Kuya’ Jose Antonio Sy-Alvarado, Dennis Laogan, Emmeline Aglipay-Villar, and Tricia Nicole Velasco-Catera)

Substitute Bill to HBs 209, 524, 591, 656, 1831, 2173, 2513, 2546, 2738, 3490 & 5579 – Providing for the mandatory Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) coverage for all PWD, amending for the purpose RA 7277, as amended (Reps. Micaela Violago, Alfredo Garbin Jr., Mariano Michael Velarde Jr., Jerry Treñas, Alfredo Vargas III, Vilma Santos-Recto, Cristina ‘Chiqui’ Roa-Puno, Enrico Pineda, Raul ‘Boboy’ Tupas, Angelina ‘Helen Tan M.D., and Cristal Bagatsing)

Substitute Bill to HB 270 – Increasing the monthly pension of senior veterans, thereby amending RA 6498, as amended (Rep. Geraldine Roman)

Substitute Bill to HBs 48 & 2126 – Establishing marine protected areas in all coastal municipalities and cities (Reps. Lawrence ‘Law’ Fortun and Benhur Salimbangon)
01:30 PM

Spkr. Villar Hall 1/F SWA Bldg. Discussion on the cost of federalizing the Philippines
MINDANAO AFFAIRS (Technical Working Group)
01:30 PM

Spkr. Zulueta Hall 2/F SWA Bldg. Briefing by the Departments of Trade and Industry (DTI), Public Works and Highways (DPWH), and Budget and Management (DBM), and the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) on their 2019 budget for Mindanao
01:30 PM

Conf. Rm. 5, RVM Bldg. Briefing by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) on its budget and plans and programs for North Luzon
01:30 PM

Conf. Rms. 3&4, RVM Bldg. HBs 46, 586, 3112, 3474, 4216 & 6657 – Providing for a comprehensive civil registration system (Reps. Lawrence ‘Law’ Fortun, Leopoldo Bataoil, Juliette Uy, Evelina Escudero, Teddy Brawner Baguilat Jr., and Sol Aragones)
01:30 PM

Conf. Rms. 7&8, RVM Bldg. HBs 1647, 4399 & 6852 – Strengthening/expanding the powers and functions of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB), amending for the purpose PD 1986, creating the MTRCB (Deputy Speaker Linabelle Ruth Villarica, Reps. Alfredo Vargas III and Maximo Rodriguez Jr.)
01:30 PM

Spkr. Laurel Hall 2/F SWA Bldg. Substitute Bill to HBs 1115, 1306 & 2426 – Providing for the reorganization and modernization of the Philippine National Police (PNP) and appropriating funds therefor (Reps. Gary Alejano, Leopoldo Bataoil, and Deputy Speaker Raneo Abu)
01:30 PM

R. R. Andaya Hall 2/F Main Bldg. Technical Working Group meeting on:
HBs 943 & 4905 – Amending Sections 2 and 3 (B) of RA 8794, otherwise known as the Motor Vehicle User’s Charge (MVUC) Act of 2000, by exempting tricycles from the coverage of the road user’s tax (Reps. Tobias ‘Toby’ Tiangco and Manuel Monsour Del Rosario III)
HB 3680 – Reconfiguring the disposition of the monies collected and delineating the status of the special funds, amending for the purpose Sections 7 and 8 of RA 8794 (Minority Leader Danilo Suarez)
HB 4467 – Allocating 5% of the collections from the MVUC to the Department of Education (DepEd) for the inclusion of driver's education subjects in the senior high school curriculum, amending for the purpose RA 8794 (Rep. Ana Cristina Siquian Go)
HB 5570 – Providing funds for the payment of energy costs of street lights, and other road and safety devices installed in national roads, amending for the purpose Section 7 of RA 8794 (Rep. Mario Vittorio ‘Marvey’ Mariño)
HB 5804 – Amending RA 8794, by increasing the MVUC rates (Rep. Luis Raymund ‘LRay’ Villafuerte Jr.)
HB 5851 – Amending Section 6 of RA 8794 on the penalty for overloading (Rep. Harry Roque Jr.)
01:30 PM

Spkr. De Venecia Hall 1/F SWA Bldg. HB 1828 – Preventing the harassment of tourists (Rep. Alfredo Vargas III)
HB 2963 – Establishing an intergovernmental task force for international visitor assistance (Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo)
HB 6093 – Creating the Tourism Resiliency Certification Program under the administration of the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA), providing funds therefor (Rep. Lucy Gomez)
HB 7229 – Integrating and establishing pertinent policies and regulations to ensure the sustainability of the Philippine tourism industry, and providing funds therefor (Rep. Lucy Gomez)