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JURISDICTION: All matters directly and principally relating to the rights and welfare of women and female children and youth, inclusive of their education, employment and working conditions, and their role in nation building, and all concerns relating to gender equality.


Hon. Aglipay-Villar, Emmeline
Hon. Aglipay-Villar, Emmeline

Party List - DIWA


MEMBERS : 55 Members


3/F Annex Building, House of Representatives, Quezon City
Telephone no. 9315001 local 7148, Direct line 952-6169
Committee Secretary:

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Unless otherwise indicated, all committee meeting venues are located at the House of Representatives Complex.

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Committee/Sub-CommitteeTime and Venue
Agenda/Resource PersonWOMEN AND GENDER EQUALITY01:30 PM
Conf. Rooms 7&8 RVM Bldg.
HB 1471 – Establishing the Address Confidentiality Program for victims of violence against women and their children, providing penalties for violation thereof, appropriating funds therefor (Rep. Harlin Neil Abayon III)

HBs 2592, 2664 & 5153 – Defining electronic violence against women (eVAW) and their children, providing protective measures, and prescribing penalties, amending for the purpose RA 9262, otherwise known as the Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act of 2004 (Reps. Linabelle Ruth Villarica, Emmi de Jesus, and Gus Tambunting)

HB 2850 – Establishing a task force to recommend a uniform strategy to protect women against violent crime (Rep. Luisa Lloren Cuaresma)

HB 3813 – Penalizing all advertising agencies that exploit women and glorify sexual violence in their advertisements (Rep. Winston ‘Winnie’ Castelo)

HB 5584 – Defining domestic violence against individuals including members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, other than women and children, and providing for protective measures for victims, prescribing penalties therefor (Rep. Federico ‘Ricky’ Sandoval II)

HBs 194, 508 & 4822 – Expanding the scope of acts constituting sexual harassment, amending for the purpose RA 7877, otherwise known as the Sexual Harassment Act of 1995 (Rep. Aniceto ‘John’ Bertiz III, Deputy Speaker Rolando Andaya Jr. and Rep. Michelle Antonio)

HB 2932 – Amending RA 7877, Section 3 on the definition of work, education or training-related sexual harassment (Rep. Harry Roque Jr.)

HBs 2591 & 3691 – Expanding the definition of sexual harassment, strengthening the mechanisms to monitor compliance with policies against sexual harassment in the workplace and in educational and training institutions, and prescribing penalties for violations thereof, repealing for the purpose RA 7877 (Reps. Linabelle Ruth Villarica and Arlene Brosas)

HB 5213 – Penalizing all forms of sexual harassment (Rep. Ramon ‘Rav’ Rocamora)