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HB 6517, otherwise known as the Philippine Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act, seeks to legalize cannabis strictly for therapeutic purposes. The authors of the bill, Reps. Helen Tan of the 4th District of Quezon and Rodolfo T. Albano III of the 1st District of Isabela, note that there are proven clinical benefits derived from the controversial plant, particularly with respect to pain relief among patients suffering from chronic and debilitating illnesses. To allay the fears of critics and to sync the bill with the government’s anti-illegal drugs campaign, Rep. Albano emphasized that once cannabis, also known as “marijuana”, has been legalized, it shall be subject to stringent government regulation under the supervision of the Department of Health (DOH). As of this writing, HB 6517 is in Second Reading. Do you think legalizing marijuana for its therapeutic potential outweighs the risk of widespread addiction?


Yes, as long as the bill provides for meticulous administrative safeguards in the use of medical marijuana, giving access only to those clinically-screened patients.

No, legalizing marijuana for clinical purposes may open the door to abuse and increase the incidence of recreational use, especially among the youth.

I am undecided.