Use a portion of local government IRA to buy medicines for indigent patients

Mindanao lawmakers insist that local government units should set aside a portion of their internal revenue allotments (IRA) for free medicines to indigent patients in their areas.... Read More

Solon pushes for school gardens to address malnutrition problem among school kids

A lawmaker has filed a bill seeking to institutionalize a school gardens program within the Department of Education (DepEd) so that pupils will have easy access to "bahay kubo" vegetables.... Read More

Installation of e-speed limiter in buses and cargo trucks sought

A lawmaker has proposed the installation of a speed limiter in every public bus and cargo truck to address the wanton disregard of traffic laws, especially the prescribed speed limit by public bus and cargo drivers, which has resulted to traffic accidents and death of motorists. ... Read More

State of the Nation 2013 Presidential Address (SONA)


First Philippine LegislatureHouse Members from the 1st Philippine Legislature (1907) to the 15th Congress of the Republic of the Philippines.

The Online Roster of Philippine Legislators contains the names of House Members who served in the Philippine legislature from the 1st Philippine Legislature (1907) to the 15th Congress of the Republic of the Philippines. It features an alphabetical listing of House Members by name, by legislative district and by legislative period.



The LEGIS is a browser-based system that allows a user connected to the Internet to access, retrieve, print or save structured bills information and status as well as download full texts of bills, republic acts, House Journals, House publications and other published legislative materials and documents.

To guide visitors on using the system, a manual is available for downloading - LEGIS Manual.


Several House bills seek to lower individual and corporate income tax rates, considering that Philippine tax rates are comparatively high in Asia. The House Committee on Ways and Means is deliberating on proposals to lower income tax from the current 32 percent to as low as 15 to 25 percent. The proponents argue that, although this will initially lower tax collections, it will make intensify tax compliance, disposable income and consumer spending. Lower income tax means inclusive growth, they pointed out.

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